Edmond Shipway provides the complex services for technical supervision in the power engineering industry, including:

  • control of the observance of project decisions;
  • participation in the development of plans and schedules of the production of construction-assembly work;
  • control of the observance of dates of construction works and requirements of regulatory documents;
  • control of the quality of used construction materials;
  • control of compliance with the quality of building and installation works;
  • control of the compliance of construction costs with average market price;
  • check of the availability of documents certifying the quality of structures, products and materials used by the construction (passports, certificates, laboratory test results, etc.);
  • control of the elimination of identified defects, control of the implementation of geodetic studies, examination and evaluation of completed building and installation works;
  • intermediate acceptance of structures of buildings, with the participation of the representatives of general contractor organization;
  • control over the compliance of performed works with the design and estimate documentation and regulatory documents;
  • control over the availability and proper conduct of the primary, technical documentation;
  • control over the implementation of the requirements of the designer supervision and the requirements of the technical supervision;
  • completion of documents for the conservation or temporary cessation of the construction;
  • control over the compliance of subcontracting organization with the recommendations of companies that are manufacturing the materials and equipment;
  • control of the introduction of unnecessary changes in the technical documentation and the increase of the cost of construction;
  • participation in checks engineering equipment coming for the installation, its quality of installation and its introduction into service for the condition and correspondence for the project
  • control for the correspondence of the executive documentation (general construction journal, journal of welding works, journal of reinforcing works etc.), acts, executive schemes;
  • intermediate acceptance of the stages of performed works;
  • control of the timely elimination of identified defects and deficiencies;
  • conduction of negotiations with the contracting organization for the protection of the interests of the Customer.

What is the aim of technical supervision service attraction?

Performance of construction and installation work and repair and finishing works with the participation of supervision service specialists allows to:

  • Prevent the overestimation of the value of costs based on deliberately increased cost account by the subcontractors.
  • Provide high quality of the construction - to prevent the deformation and collapse of building structures that arise in the first years of operation of the object, and often - and detectable before commissioning.
  • Exclude the hidden defects of structures and utilities, whose detection in the operational phase of the building is impossible or difficult, and subject to additional significant costs on inspection of the building.
  • Prevent the use of cheap construction materials of low quality by the subcontractors, which leads to a decrease in the carrying capacity of the object structures, and in some cases - is harmful for the health of those who are in the building.
  • Complete the works on the construction of object in a specifically set time, and thus ensure the implementation of the project with the lowest costs.
  • Exclude the irregularities in the executive documentation, complicating the work of technical services during the subsequent operation of the building.
  • Ensure the execution of works by the contractors in full compliance with the requirements of building regulations and norms
  • Ensure the realization of the project within the set budged.
  • The involvement of the supervision services allows to investors or customers to save from 30 % to 50 % of the funds spent for the realization of the project.
  • Participation of independent technical supervision service in construction works in 98% of cases allows for preventing the failure to meet the project deadlines
  • Timely involvement of supervision service specialists into the works performance allows for preventing many cases of unauthorized use by contractors of cheap, not design construction materials (which happens in 80% -90% of cases, when the actions of contractors are not controlled by engineers of technical supervision service).

Technical supervisionor careful choice of reliable suppliers?

Unfortunately, the specifics of the construction process are such that the interests of the customer and the contractor are always in conflict. Being interested in maximizing the profit, the contractors achieve their goal by all available means – they hide defects, violate technology and project requirements in order to reduce embedded component, artificially inflate the volume of work, indicate prices for construction materials in 2 times higher than the market, etc. Not always it is possible to identify the construction defects in their entirety at the stage of completion. The most reliable, and most importantly - timely - fixing of defects is performed with the participation of supervision service engineers in the construction works. Only in this case, the customer can be sure that the deficiencies of contractors will not be identified unexpectedly during the operation of building, when the correction of defects will entail the significant financial losses.

What is working schedule of supervision service engineers at construction site?

When implementing the standard projects, our experience in conducting the supervision allows for ensuring the necessary quality control at construction site through the visits of supervision services engineers 2 times a week. Technical supervision over the complex objects construction is conducted under individual schedule, composed in accordance with wishes of the customer and the results of consultations with specialists of Edmond Shipway. A working group, which includes engineers of different directions (electrical engineer, heating engineer, plumbing engineer, network engineer, civil works engineer, estimator-engineer) is formed for each project - in our opinion, this practice provides the highest level of construction works performance.

  • comprehensive information about detected violations committed by contractors;
  • photographic materials showing the detected defects and illustrating the progress of construction works;
  • supporting material from construction regulatory literature;
  • schedule for implementation of project, with actual deviations;
  • cost estimating documentation for spent money.

How does informing the customer about the progress of work on the object occur?

After each site visit, our specialists draw up a detailed technical report on the basis of which the customer receives:

  • technical supervision of construction and repair of residential buildings and premises (apartments);
  • technical inspections of shopping and entertainment centers;
  • also inspection of buildings and supervision for cinema complexes;
  • technical supervision of industrial buildings construction;
  • technical supervision of logistics centers construction;
  • technical supervision of office centers construction;
  • organization of quality control in construction;
  • organization of works in construction.