What are engineering geodetic investigations?

Engineering geodesy and engineering geodetic investigations are performed in-situ or in the territory of construction of the object. Topographic mapping is performed in order to determine exact coordinates of location of the future construction and to obtain other topographic geodetic materials and data on the locality relief. At the end of these types of works, a prognosis of possible changes and recommendations on registration of features of the engineering geological and geophysical terms at the building development of the territory are prepared.


The engineering geodetic investigations for building include the following:

  • assembly and processing of engineering investigations of the previous years, topographic geodetic, cartographic, aerial survey and other materials and data;
  • exploratory survey of the territory;
  • creation (development) of bearing geodetic networks, including special geodetic networks for construction;
  • creation of completion survey geodetic networks;
  • topographic (land, aerial phototopographic, stereo photogrammetric, etc.) survey, including survey of underground and surface structures;
  • update of topographic (engineering topographic) and cadastral plans graphically, digitally, photographically, etc.;
  • engineering hydrographical works;
  • geodetic works related to the staking and fixing and to the connection of excavations, geophysical and other points of engineering investigations;
  • geodetic static surveillance over deformations of bases of the buildings and constructions, surface and rock masses in the places of development of dangerous natural and technogenic processes;
  • engineering and geodetic support of habitations information systems and state cadastres (town planning, etc.);
  • creation (preparation) and issue (reproduction) of topographic plans, cadastral and thematic maps and plans, atlases for special purposes (graphical, digital and other forms);
  • cameral processing of materials;
  • preparation of a technical report.

The engineering geodetic investigations for construction of linear structures also include the following:

  • cameral layout and pre-selection of variants of the location line for performance of field works and surveys;
  • field layout;
  • surveys of the present railways and motorroads, creation of vertical and cross profiles, crossing of electric and communication lines, radiocommunication objects, radio links and major pipelines;
  • coordination of the basic elements of structures and external measurements of buildings (structures);
  • definition of full and effective length of railways at the stations and the obstruction clearance.

The following kinds of works are performed during engineering geodetic investigations at the period of construction and operation of enterprises, buildings and structures in accordance with the customer’s target specifications:

  • determination of a project location of the construction object (buildings and structures) in-situ;
  • creation of a geodetic control network for the construction;
  • geodetic location survey and connection works in the construction process in accordance with the working documentation;
  • geodetic control of accuracy of buildings and structures geometric parameters in the construction process;
  • geodetic geo - tech surveys of the planned-high-altitude position of buildings (constructions) and infrastructure;
  • control geo-tech surveys of completed buildings (constructions) and infrastructure;
  • surveillance over yielding and deformation of buildings and constructions as well as surface, including during the local monitoring of dangerous natural and technogenic processes;
  • special stereophotogrammetric surveys on determination of geometrical dimensions of buildings, structures, technological units and architect and town-planning forms;
  • geodetic works at assembly of equipment, alignment of crane runways and inspection of verticality of columns, structures and their elements;
  • geodetic works on determination of concealed underground structures when making the repair works, etc.;
  • preparation of the as-built geodetic documentation.