Financial and technical monitoring –is a complex of systematic inspection activities aimed at controlling the intended investments expenditure and minimizing the project risks.

Financial and technical monitoring of a construction object is a complex of the tasks which are executed every day during the whole construction process and includes the following stages:
1) Financial inspection:

  • Monitoring the intend edexpenditures;
  • Monitoring the estimates, amount and costs of the construction works, monitoring the costs as to their correspondence to the average market prices;
  • Monitoring the fullness and formatting of the as-built documentation, KC-2 forms analysis as to detection of deviations from the approved estimate documentation.

2) Technical control - the analysis and the monitoring of the executed works conformity with:

  • Approved designs and estimates;
  • Construction norms and rules with detection of the structural mistakes and hidden defects.

3) Monitoring the optimality of the taken design decisions:

  • Detection of the factors in the design documentation that may cause negative project deviation from the planned indications and alteration of the time-frame.
  • Monitoring the observance of the taken design decisions.

4) Monitoring of the contract obligations.

5) Reporting the customer about the audit results.