Financial and technical audit is a complex of control activities that protect financial interests of the investor, the creditor or the construction customer.

Financial and technical audit includes:

  • design estimate documentation analysis;
  • analysis of the current juridical and authorization documentation and determination of the additional list of documents which are required to commission the object;
  • analysis of the available technical and as-built documentation;
  • determination of the actual works volume;
  • visual and instrumental inspection of the objects aimed to evaluate the quality of the works done, the conformity of the conducted work with the requirements of the detailed design, effective SNiP and GOST norms, photo fixation of the detected defects and drawbacks, drawing the defects list;
  • determination of the conformity of the actual construction works with the volumes specified in the as-built documentation;
  • drawing up the list of the work scope that is required to complete the project;
  • development of the updated calendar schedule of the works execution with indication of the amount of financing on every work type (with monthly subdivision);
  • office processing of the received data with drawing up the technical report on the results of the conducted audit.

Edmon Shipway has sufficient experience in financial auditing of the industrial, commercial and manufacturing objects that is confirmed by the positive comments about the work of our company from the largest local Kazalhstan and International enterprises.