The energy audit services provided by Edmond Shipway are focused primarily on energy saving, enabling the Customer to reduce the cost of the energy sources used, and thus increase the competitiveness of their products:

  • Identifying sources of irrational costs and unjustified energy losses;
  • Defining energy efficiency indicators;
  • Defining energy savings and energy efficiency improvement potential;
  • Developing complex energy saving program;
  • Analyzing power supply, heating, water supply systems condition, equipment stock maintenance;
  • Evaluating condition of systems and measuring equipment - devices for the account of energy sources and their compliance with the regulations;
  • Identifying unreasonable losses;
  • Assessment of the rationing of energy consumption and energy sources use system condition;
  • Energy balance check;
  • Caclulating the specific energy requirements for manufactured products or activities;
  • Evaluating the practicability main energy saving activities conducted by the enterprise.