Construction expertise is the complex of expert measures, aimed at the discovering of drawbacks and failures, made during performance of design and preparation of estimates, construction and installation and construction repair works. The performed construction and technical expertise allows to eliminate conflicts, save funds, normalize documents.

For what does the expertise in construction is needed?

Construction expertise is intended for the disputes settlement between customer and contractor and between other participants of construction process.

Types of construction expertise and the aims of their performance.

Independentperformed works quality expertise

The aim of this construction expertise is the discovery of actual quality level of performed construction works and comparison of this level with requirements of construction codes and regulations and also construction project requirements.

Independent performed works scope and value expertise

Our specialists perform the calculation of actual works scope price and compare them with the data of design and estimate and as-built documentation and also with data of cost estimations, provided by contractors when performing this construction-technical expertise – this type of construction expertise is designed for exposure of construction overrating by unfair contractors.

Independent utility systems and services construction expertise

This expertise is used for quality check of installation of power, water supply, central heating, sewage, ventilation systems, air conditioning, communication and signaling systems and also boiler houses and individual heating plants.

Independent design and estimate documentation expertise

This expertise type consists in determination of documentation completeness, conformity of approved design solutions with terms of reference and construction codes and regulations and also in the estimate calculations check.

Expert evidence of independent expertise conclusion, performed by otherexpert organization

Is practicable for identification of conscientious or accidental mistakes of expert groups, hired by contractors.

How can we help in case of resolution of your problems with the construction expertise in the court?

In such cases we perform the forensic enquiries:

  • Forensic construction-technical enquiry

The expertise, that is performed on basis of determination of arbitration or civil court in cases if there emerges the necessity of special knowledge in design, erection, operation, reconstruction and dismantling of buildings and facilities.

  • Pre-court construction-technical expertise

Independent construction expertise, performed with aim of securing of evidence, needed in case of compearance or proceeding in the administrative body. All of our experts are certified by enter of Forensic Enquiry of the Ministry of Justice of Republic of Kazakhstan and participate in hearing of your case in case of necessity.

Should the money be spent at the construction expertise performance?

Unfortunately, the cases, when the disputes with contractors can be regularized individually without interference of professional experts are very seldom. The constructor will hold his ground, adducing the arguments which will appear as convincing to the person, who does not have construction knowledge, overestimating, ascribing the performed works scope, concealing the construction defects. That’s why the most constructive settlement of emerged problems (or even just doubts in construction quality) – appealing to the independent expert organization, receipt of professional conclusion and in case of necessity, the reasonable production before court. The costs, incurred for performance of expertise are returned by contractor to customer following the court results or (which accounts, according to our statistics about 40-50% of cases) without production before court, on basis of our expert conclusion.

Why do we suggest contacting us for performance of expertise specifically?

We have the newest equipment, that allows to perform the inspection of construction facilities in the most difficult cases. We use such modern and efficient inspection and expertise methods as lines location scanning, thermal-imaging survey, georadar survey etc. All construction experts have great practical experience, have bulk of special knowledge in sphere of expertise in construction and technical conditions of buildings and facilities constructions. We work fast, as one team and efficiently, suggesting reasonable prices and high quality of services.