The thermal imaging survey of buildings and structures allows detection of defects of the protective constructions. The thermal imaging survey allows determination of exact locations and sizes of a defect. For example, it could be defects in the installation of windows and window units, the assembly of a roof and roofing, as well as defects in the building elevation and facility flooring.

During the thermal imaging survey of buildings and structures, we can make the simultaneous recording. Such a recording is made not only for the external but also for the internal side of the facility. At that, additional measurements are performed which are also necessary for determination of the results. It is such parameters as humidity and air temperature outside and inside the premises.

Documentation regulating the thermal imaging survey of buildings and structures is the following:

    • Thermal protection of buildings;
    • Survey of building structures;
    • Construction climatology.

Kinds of defects detected by means of the thermal imaging survey

        • construction defects such as infiltration or exfiltration of air in result of such defects as non-insulated places of joining and through cracks of buildings
        • places having cold bridges in result of which condensation and protection constructions frost penetration occur;
        • damages of roofing that result in heat loss or moisture accumulation in result of which an early failure of the building constructions occurs;
        • defects in installation of door and window constructions that cause additional heat losses.

In result of the thermal imaging survey, you will receive standard documentation that includes the following data:

        • full information about the performer of the works;
        • target specification on performance of this kind of works;
        • full description of the object of survey;
        • standard thermograph including a description of heat abnormalities occurred;
        • standard loose leaf to the energy performance certificate;
        • special thermo technical calculation;
        • decision of experts that includes a description of all the abnormalities;
        • recommendations of a specialist on building isolation quality improvement;
        • authorization documentation, licences and certificates of our company.

The documentation prepared by specialists of our company stands good in laws and can be used even at court as a proof of low quality work of the building company.

Who needs the thermal imaging survey and why

          • halls and housing and community amenities structures owners – for purposeful organization of repair of buildings;
          • building companies – to improve quality of the building works and for the self-control;
          • private persons – for survey of private cottages and houses in order to perform purposeful works for improvement of the heat insulation properties.

The thermal imaging survey of buildings and structures promotes obtainment of the double economic effect, namely:

          • significant decrease in expenses on buildings operation and heating;
          • prevention of an early wear of the object owing to the enlargement of the defect.

A procedure of performance of works on the thermal imaging survey of structures:

        • you shall contact our company;
        • we shall prepare the target specification and submit it to the client’s approval;
        • we shall make a commercial offer;
        • we shall submit terms of the performance to the client’s approval, a price and time limits shall be fixed and terms of the payment shall be stipulated;
        • we shall perform the thermal imaging survey of a building or structure at an agreed time;
        • we shall prepare a standard report.