The main objective of the structures survey is determination of the actual technical state of the object, detection of performance properties of designs and materials, the possibility of reconstruction, as well as an objective prediction of possible changes in the process of further operation.

We also evaluate the reliability of any structure or the entire structure as a whole. The calculation is made by probabilistic methods and allows us to express the reliability in numerical form, while comparing the reliability of different structural and the entire structure as a whole. The evaluation of reliability is necessary for optimization of construction, as well as the decision on reconstruction.

When the Structures Survey is Conducted

Technical structures survey is performed for many reasons and for different tasks. The list of the most common reason for the technical structures survey is below:

    • The current survey. It must be carried out on any object in a timely manner (depending on the object purpose once 1-5 years) since during the operation there is a change of properties of materials and constructions. The risk of collapse of individual parts or the entire structure increases as a result of normal wear and tear and exposure to various negative factors. Unseasonably revealed hidden defects of the elements can develop into serious accidents that lead to significant financial costs and other issues (human casualties and injuries in the workplace).
    • New construction and reconstruction volumes. Any changes to the structure (reconstruction, modernization, new construction near the object) must be started with a technical survey. It turns out the current status of all structures and components, reveals the actual figure of physical deterioration, defects, makes the forecast on the possibility of planned activities.
    • When installing new equipment. Modern technological upgrading and modernization requires a thorough analysis of the existing structures.
    • The actual analysis. It is required in the detection of inconsistencies design documentation, applicable regulations and building codes. It is held in renewing of unfinished and abandoned objects.

Testing of Building structures, facilities and constructions

Testing of Building structures, facilities and constructions are necessary for assessment of their actual technical condition, as well as for checking their compliance to design standards. It is known, that while designing, we use simplifying assumptions and schemes. Even with the available modern computers and software, we can often see inconsistencies and differences in the work of real structures and buildings from the accepted assumptions and schemes. And to understand the true picture of work of the structures, buildings and facilities allow their testing.

Testing of building structures and constructions can be destructive and non-destructive. Obviously, destructive test methods are used for unique, of special responsibility, new constructions and models. Destructive methods are more expensive, lengthy and time-consuming.

Accordingly, non-destructive test methods take less duration time, structures, buildings and structures are not being destroyed and are being used. Therefore, these test methods are cheaper.

Stages and technology of facilities survey

The basis for the commencement of work is the development and approval of job inspection on the facilities. It is usually indicated in the specification: motives for work production, the purpose of reconstruction or modernization, planned loads, acting loads, conditions of operating and other factors.

Level of difficulty of technical specifications in the survey depends on: the amount of work and functionality of the object, time of  its operation and configuration complexity, location and other values.

Before testing, documentation is carefully examined according to design and construction of the facility, structural solutions and building materials, which were used in the construction and operation of the subject facilities. Work on the survey is carried out in two stages:

      • a preliminary survey
      • a detailed survey of bearing structures, components, foundations and other important elements of the building

Sometimes a survey is carried out in one step. The number of stages depends on the problem, which is posed by the survey customer and the actual state of the object. A detailed survey is much more expensive and takes longer.

After performing certain steps and obtaining of the necessary survey data, specialists perform the actual assessment of the state of the object, which consists of analyzing the results of tests and studies of structures and materials, determining allowable loads, conducting testing calculations of bearing capacity of the structure based on defects. Currently the calculations are made using specialized software, that generates the most accurate and objective indicators.

What you get from results of facilities survey

As a result of survey in accordance with the technical specifications, the official survey conclusion is issued. It provides an evaluation of the actual state of the object, photos of existing defects, the results of laboratory tests and checking calculations. The experts' conclusions and recommendations for future operation of the facility and the possibility of the planned works are presented at the end.

You can order complete work on the survey of various structures at a specialized company in CA's CPS at the coordinates, that are listed on the site of our organization.

Order of structures survey

Complex technical inspection of the facilities can be performed only by certified organization, which is allowed for this type of activity, such as company LIC CA. Work is conducted by highly qualified specialists with specialized knowledge and techniques. The range of modern appliances, instruments and mechanisms, special computer programs, laboratory tests and other engineering surveys are used for surveys.

Modern structures: bridges, tunnels, culverts, pipes and other objects, is differentiated by sophisticated design solutions and using traditional and new materials, multi-functional equipment.

Price of technical facilities inspection

The cost of facilities technical inspection depends on the type of construction and volume of the anticipated work and tests. The technical task is done to determine the cost of the survey construction, that allows to calculate the cost of works. You can send a technical mission for facilities survey, and our experts will calculate the cost of the work.

Many existing objects were successfully reconstructed or completed from the unfinished buildings, some are planned to be expanded with the use of new technologies in construction or for a comprehensive modernization. Unfortunately, you cannot visually detect hidden defects and the actual condition of the facilities for producing various transformations or safe operation. Help of a specialized organization is a need. Company Edmond Shipway carries out a survey using certain structures of techniques and the latest equipment professionally.