Roads survey is a complex work of various experts, necessary for an independent assessment of the quality of transport communications. This building technical expertise is aimed at identifying the extent to which their performance corresponds to the desired requirements. The survey may be applied not only directly to highways, but also to domestic automobile driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, areas near residential and office buildings, urban areas.

Aims of Roads Survey

  • Assessment of the quality of roads, with recommendations for necessary complex of construction and repairs;
  • Confirmation of compliance of the object of study with regulatory parameters
  • Detection of violations in the undertaken construction work or deficiencies;
  • Valuation of implemented or planned works to strengthen the fabric (for example, you can identify the artificially inflated price or discrepancy of spent materials volume with the declared amount of materials);

Process of Roads Survey

Building and technical expertise of the highways is carried out not only in the construction of complex structures with large parking areas and access to the roadway or urban area, but almost in any construction, as the house territory almost always requires transport communications.

During the roads survey we analyze the structure, composition and quality of paving materials and works on its settlement. Identified characteristics are related to project requirements. On the subject of legal literacy and economic performance we also evaluate the executive or design documentation.

Work on the examination is usually held in several stages. First we study the technical requirements specified in the documents, collect the results of various studies carried out on the ground (mapping, geomorphological, ecological, etc.), analyze data on the intensity of traffic flow, there is a visual assessment of coating quality, we also plan types of work required and the timing of their implementation.

After preparatory activities the specialists set to the instrumental inspection of roads needed to provide reliable data. It may include non-destructive analysis techniques, as well as partial surgery in the structure of the roadway. With the help of special equipment we make its engineering geological expertise.

At this study the degree of compaction of soil is evaluated, thickness of the layers covering transport is measured, laboratory samples are collected and mechanical tests on building materials are conducted. Parameters of the road pavement are compared to the project documentation. Drainage communication is investigated separately.

All this allows evaluating the quality or the already performed work or the composition of the necessary construction work; relate it to the project cost and the requirements of GOST.

At roads survey it is necessary to consider a number of features, such as the dependence of the analysis of seasonal and weather conditions or traffic flow in the studied area. Expert assessment of the roadway is a complex event that requires the knowledge of experts conducting it the smallest subtleties of engineering analysis and the ability to bring the results in line with existing regulations.

As part of the technical survey of roads, squares, pavements we can carry out the work to determine:

  • Geometric parameters of the road;
  • Thickness of the pavement layers;
  • The degree of compaction of sandy road base.

As a part of the technical survey of roads we estimate:

  • The application of building materials and their compliance with the requirements of the project;
  • The quality of construction works at the device pavement layers;
  • The basic parameters of the transverse profile of the roads;
  • The drainage devices of the roads.

At the survey we estimate the degree of compaction of roads through the soil test, measure the thickness of the pavement layers, collect the laboratory samples and conduct mechanical tests on building materials such as concrete test.

What You Get at the End of the Survey

A survey of the road pavement we prepare a technical report that includes all the necessary graphics, conclusions and recommendations. From it the client can find the accident rate of the investigated site roads, to understand what repairs are required - major or pothole - or estimate the composition of the work required and the cost of laying the roadway.

Final conclusion made by our company, is not only a document that has legal force, but also effective expert advice for further construction and repair work on your roads.