Buildings Measure

Buildings measure at measurement and research work is taking the existing geometric measurements with the definition of the areas of premises and buildings in general. The walls, columns, piers, walls doors, window frames, doorways, elevator shafts, ventilation ducts and ducts for utilities for each of the floors of the building are subject to measurements. Measuring work, depending on the terms of reference, may be applied to the facade part of the building (entrance lobbies, stairs, columns, canopies, pits, ramps and other elements of the buildings facades).

Structures Measure

Structures measure (bridges, trestles, tunnels and pipelines) is taking the existing geometric measurements, determining the existing dimensions of the spans, columns, performing transverse and longitudinal sections with drawing elevation points.

Premises Measure

Premises measure is the exact definition of the geometric parameters of the building elements in order to create the actual floor plan, which reflects the actual distance between the elements and their actual sizes. This drawing can be used for various construction jobs that require high accuracy, and serve for special purposes.

Apartment Measure

Apartment measure is the measurement of the actual space, preparation of drawings with walls, bearing elements, a reflection of door and window openings. Carrying out the apartment measurements is mostly related to the need for redevelopment or renovation. The data obtained may allow architects and designers to use the area of ​​the apartment the most profitable for you, as well as to calculate the purchase of required amount of materials.

Facades Measure

Facades measure is performance of measure works of the existing geometric parameters of all elements of the facade (windows, doorways, bay windows, parapets). Facades measure is needed when planning an overhaul, reconstruction of the building in order to determine the cost of repairs.

Procedure of the Measuring Work

  • Study of archival and project design documentation;
  • Conduct measurements of the object;
  • Development of measuring drawings in accordance with the technical specifications of the customer; 
  • Compilation of all the results of the measurement and the final results.

Measured drawings, depending on the customer's specifications can contain the following information:

  • Floor plans with drawing sizes;
  • Area for buildings, structures;
  • Multilevel position of buildings and structures;
  • Configuration of the roofs of buildings;
  • Sections of the premises;
  • The building facades;
  • The point of connection of utilities;
  • Circuit node communications;
  • Drawings of underground structures, tunnels and rooms with their boundaries on the ground.

Measuring work for designers and architects is usually required to develop design projects. Conducting accurate measurements of all projections, corners and other elements spaces allow further with furniture and appliances.

Measuring work for builders is necessary in order to estimate for repairs. Measured drawings give full information about the place (wall, floor, ceiling areas, size of windows and doorways, ceiling height, etc.), which will enable the correct calculation of the estimate for repair and save your time to independent measurement.

Measuring apartments to buy or sell is currently frequent measuring work when buying an apartment in a new building. When buying an apartment in a newly built house, you run the risk that, after the measurements of the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI), apartment area may increase with respect to the previously defined area (pre-contract sales), which would entail extra payment to the company-builder. Given that the cost per square meter of housing is significant, the difference may be a substantial amount. When this occurs, we recommend you to order independent measurements to verify the correctness of BTI plan. Another case of new buildings - on BTI documents the area is much more than on the fact of measurements. In this situation it is necessary to conduct measurements before repair-construction and finishing works in the apartment.

Measuring work for tenants are necessary in order to compare the leased area of the contract, with the actual size. Frequent case is that actually occupied space does not match the premises specified in the documents of BTI because redevelopment was carried out. The results of measurements are an argument for finding a compromise between the landlord and the tenant.