Inspection and examination of the building foundation

Edmond Shipway Specialists will conduct a foundations survey for you. Our company is working many years in the sphere of building independent expert, has an impeccable reputation and experience to undertake this kind of work.

Examination of foundations is one of the most challenging activities in the list of engineering and work-finding. It requires the involvement of several specialists of different directions, and it can be done by licensed professionals only in accordance with existing regulations.

Inspection and examination of the building's roof

Specialists of the company Edmond Shipway conduct roofs and roofing survey for you. We have extensive experience in detecting defects in material and construction at an early stage of the problems.

Regularity, with which such research is done, depends on the owner of the building or structure. As a rule, they are ordered already at visible isolation defects and leakage occurrence, which may occur due to the problem. The right design is desirable, then, in some cases it is possible to avoid the need for further examination of the roof. But competent exploitation involves examination with the occurrence of necessary conditions.

Visual inspection and examination of buildings and structures

Visual inspection in the company Edmond Shipway is carried out by engineers, who have timely training.

The visual inspection of the building is a survey of the building, during which the state of bearing structures of the building by external signs is assessed.

Inspection and examination of buildings for commissioning

Edmond Shipway company conducts a survey of buildings for commissioning for many years already. Our experience, specialists and technical base helps us to carry out this type of activity at the highest level and as soon as possible.>

Technical examination of a building or structure, for entry into operation the constructed object, allows to prepare a document that will evaluate the reliability, security of further operation of the facility, on the basis of the calculations and analysis, as well as determines the constructive scheme of the constructed facility in the case of absence of the project documentation or detects differences with existing project.