The energy survey is an analysis of current technical data and results of the instrumental survey in order to obtain exact indicators of power resources being used and development of measures on the efficient use of power resources with issue of the energy performance certificate.

Purpose of performance of the energy audit of a company

    • To obtain exact technical data on a volume of the power resources used;
    • To determine a power saving potential of the company;
    • To identify power efficiency indicators;
    • A program of improvement of power efficiency of the company;
    • Development of measures on power savings and on improvement of power efficiency.

Stages of performance of the Energy Survey

1. Collection of data at the investigated object during the energy audit.

        • certificates and documents of the Technical Inventory Bureau,
        • project documentation on the object,
        • copies of the power supply contracts,
        • other technical documentation relating to the object.

2. Collection of data on power consumption and the state of metering annual data on power consumption;

        • data of the operating organization on  metering devices

3. Survey of protecting constructions, survey of the state of equipment. The list of equipment, installed capacities, unit costs, etc.

            • data of the managing company;
            • data of the inventory;

4. Assessment of the state and efficiency of systems operation

            • performance of special calculations

5. Analysis of all results obtained

            • Development of energy-efficiency measures
            • Electricity supply systems
            • Heating systems
            • Hot water systems
            • Ventilation systems
            • Conditioning systems
            • Water supply systems

6. Completion of the energy performance certificate

7. Reporting on the energy audit.

Result of the works

          • On the basis of the energy survey, a building engineering report is issued.
          • Energy performance certificate of the object.
          • A number of measures and recommendations necessary for the energy performance improvement.