What is Complex Technical Inspection of Buildings

This term means a complex of measures aimed at detection of quantitative evaluation of parameters of building constructions, foundation soils and their engineering assurance. The parameters mean a complex of characteristics providing suitability and operation capability of the inspected object. Also they mean assurance of operating condition. Upon completion of the inspection Edmond Shipway issues a technical report on conduction of the present works to you.

This document includes all the results of carried out analyses of the building technical capabilities, and a conclusion about operational capability of the building – is it suitable for further operation or does it need reconstruction and further renewal, or the building shall be entirely demolished.

Tasks and Objectives of Technical Inspection of Buildings

Main tasks of such an inspection are:

  • Prevention or detection of already present defects and damages in building constructions for their further elimination;
  • Obtainment of evaluation determining buildings’ safety and operating capability;
  • Preventive measures directed on safety improvement and maintenance of buildings in appropriate operating condition.

On the whole such an inspection is carried out in order to define the technical state of supporting structures and their capability to bear certain design loads. The inspection is performed when a necessity in defects’ detection arises. Also a necessity in the inspection may arise in case of need to receive the evaluation of actual possible work of constructions being under real operating loads. 
The necessity in the technical expertise may arise in case if there are visible damages of buildings, structures, its separate constructions, in case of accident condition, replanning or refitting, reconstruction or overhaul is needed.

Process of Complex Technical Inspection Conduction

The following is analyzed in the process of the present inspection:

  • Archival and project design documentation is studied;
  • Verification of data based on factors available in the technical certificates is performed;
  • Possible strains and settlements are detected;
  • In case of opening of the construction project geological and hydrological survey of the plot is performed;
  • Existing constructions are preliminary studies and construction diagrams are created;
  • Possible places for opening and sampling are specified;
  • Full and comprehensive description of engineering equipment and construction condition is formed. Non-destructive testing is performed;
  • As fitted drawings are compiled;
  • Detailed and thorough instrumental research of constructions and conjunctions;
  • Strength properties of materials and supporting structure of the building and possible defects are detected.

To make the inspection full and universal our organization performs it in several steps:

  • Detailed examination and expertise of the general condition of the object is included in the first and second step of the inspection; /li>
  • Laboratory works are conducted in the third step;
  • And finally in the forth step generalization of all inspection results and summarizing is performed.

One of the peculiarities of conduction of such an inspection is compulsory recording of foundation technical state in the places of specific strains’ existence. As a rule such strains can occur in case of originating non-uniform failures of some parts of buildings. Specific cracks may appear in these parts, and one can detect which part of buildings has settled more according to such cracks. The strains may also occur in the junctions of floorings, coverings with walls and supports of buildings.

What will you receive after complex inspection

After all abovementioned measures the customer will receive a technical report or a technical estimation composed of graphical and text part. The whole complex of conducted examination is described in the text part, and the graphical part includes the theory, the documents presented by the customer (sectional drawings of facades, project sheets and plans, constructions’ details). Also there are drawings of defects’ elimination, recommended engineering decisions, photo of the object and copy of the license.

Having received the technical report the building owner or the customer keeps it till conduction of the final inspection by the state bodies of construction supervision, which receives the report for temporary use. When the present body gives a conclusion that the building complies with all technical operation requirements, regulatory documents and design documentation, the technical report is returned to the building owner or the customer and remains in them for permanent storage.

Complex inspection of buildings may also include ecological surveys, and it may be conducted within the frame of construction expertise.