Buildings and constructions technical examination is a complex of activities on evaluation of the technical state of the construction structures and engineering networks of the real estate properties.

Buildings examination is the process of determination of the technical state of a building, a construction or its separate engineering structures. Edmond Shipway carries out all types of examination (visual, complex, random, complete, instrumental etc.)

Kinds and Types of Buildings Examination:

  • Complex technical examination;
  • Detailed instrumental examination;
  • Thermal-imaging examination;
  • Buildings and constructions monitoring;
  • Facilities examination (bridges, tunnels, pipelines racks);
  • House top (roof) examination;
  • Foundations examination;
  • Visual examination;
  • Laboratory tests of the materials and the grounds;
  • Examination for the object commissioning;
  • Power examination, energy audit.

What is the purpose of the examination?

Buildings and constructions examinations is done with the aim of decision making about the necessity of repairs, reconstruction or demolition of the building.

When is it recommended to carry out the examination?

  • The purchase of a building or construction is planned - in this case it is required to evaluate the technical state of the object, the reliability of its structures and the investments efficiency.
  • The major repairs or reconstruction of a building is planned - the information is collected about the engineering and technical state of the object, required for designing. It is necessary to make a decision about the sale or reshaping of the building - monitoring of the object technical state is carried out.
  • The state of the rented out premises is unsatisfactory - the building and constructions examination is required to evaluate the damage. The deviations from the design are discovered - in this case the evaluation of the possible decrease in the strength properties of the building structures are carried out.
  • The building or the premises were affected by fire, engineering networks failure or natural disasters - the technical examination of the buildings is required to evaluate the damage and technical state of the object.
  • During the premises operation defects in the structures were detected - the evaluation of the causes, the scale and the consequences are required.
  • The continuation of the earlier suspended construction of the object is planned - the evaluation of the technical state of the object is carried out to make a decision about the efficiency of further investments in the construction.

What documents confirming the experts conclusion does the customer receive after the works execution?

The examination of the construction structures finishes by submission of the engineering opinion to the customer including:

  • description of the detected defects and failures with reference to the object
  • explanation photo-materials
  • references to the construction norms requirements
  • calculations
  • recommendations and decisions.

In cases when after carrying out the technical examination of the buildings the customer takes the decision to go to law, we execute forensic and pre-court examination.

Why do we propose to carry out the examination in our company of all others?

The evaluation of the construction structures, buildings and facilities is the main business area of the international company Edmond Shipway. The use up to the minute equipment that enables carrying out the examinations by means of the following non-destructive methods:

  • ultrasonic
  • radiant
  • thermal-imaging
  • electromagnetic, including ground penetrating radar
  • line detecting scanning
  • echo location
  • and many others.

For the detailed forecasting of the various construction structures operation capacity we use modern calculating complexes and programs. If the examination is done in the sphere of commissioning and operation tests of the electric power supply of the buildings and facilities, our company uses our own electric laboratory. All our experts has immense experience of the buildings examination of different types, including inspections of buildings and objects that are in the pre-accident or accident condition.