Construction projects checking is a necessary and important part of the construction process. Expertise of project budget documentation becomes increasingly necessary in the construction of a variety of real estate objects as extrajudicial, pre-trial or court investigation.

The purposes of project budget documents checking are:

  1. Verifying the determined cost of works and defined corresponding coefficients;
  2. Defining the completeness of the budget documentation;
  3. Checking conformity of works done to the amount stated in the budget;
  4. Defining budget volumes for reconstruction and full repair.

Project documents checking

Project documentation checking is a study of individual sections or the entire volume of project budget documentation for compliance with various parameters. Project documentation checking is its rating, based on how much the documentation provided meets certain parameters. First of those is, of course, technical regulations, the second is the results of engineering studies, the third is the estimated regulations that have been established for the calculation. The number of parameters, based on which an evaluation takes place includes planning regulations, the development plan for the land and technical design specifications.

It is worth noting that, the construction project checking includes such an important studies factor as assessing the validity of the estimated cost of construction.

Project documentation checking reveals violations in the design and calculations of the project budget documentation. Practice shows that a slight inaccuracy in the calculation of design and estimate documentation often leads to overspending of funds for the construction of the property. Such errors play a negative role, not only in commercial projects, but also during construction of objects performed by public institutions, at the expense of the state budget.

Project budget checking

Budget checking is an important procedure for construction and installation work. Even a small miscalculation can lead to large unplanned spending. During state construction, reconstruction or major repairs at the expense of budget, an assessment of projects is mandatory.

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Budget documentation checking includes the following procedures:

  • assessment of compliance of the scope of work and project documentation specified in the budget;
  • verification of work actually performed to acts of acceptance of work performed;
  • verification of correct and justified cost of works in the budget, their compliance with market values at the time of construction;
  • checking the necessity of works listed in the budget;
  • checking of facility budget cost calculations and calculation of funds left before completion of the construction;
  • calculating the number and cost of machinery and equipment necessary for construction;
  • recalculation of final cost of work based on checking results;
  • providing recommendations as for the budget documentation content.