Alternative assessment of Design solutions is the evaluation of the conformity or nonconformity of the design documentation with the requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstab laws, construction norms, rules and standards. The expertise of the design documentation is done by the notified state body or the legal body accredited with the right to execute non-government expertise of the design documentation and (or) non-government expertise of the engineering surveys results.

The design documentation expertise (including the non-government expertise of the estimate documentation) is the most important stage of the safety securing of the constructed objects. The expertise puts under the conformity control of the town-planning, preliminary and detailed design documentation with the initial data and the requirements to the design and construction. In the design documentation the expertise monitors the securing of the operational safety, structural reliability and stableness of the designed objects, the high quality of the architectural decisions, rational use of natural resources as well as material, power and financial resources.

According to the statistic data in recent months non-government expertise of the design and estimate documentation becomes more and more popular among the customers. The main reason for it is the fact that non-government design expertise differs in the lead time (on the average: from 10 business days) and sufficiently more beneficial (compared with the state expertise) price. Besides, the result of the non-government expertise is an official document, the same as the positive conclusion of the state expertise. This means, it gives the right to attain the construction authorization.

Edmond Shipway provides the services package as to execution of the non-government design documentation expertise for the conformity with:

  • technical regulations (including sanitary and epidemiological, ecological requirements, fire, industrial and other safety requirements etc.);
  • engineering surveys results;
  • specified (approved, chosen for calculations) estimate standards;
  • town-planning regulations and land plot development plan;
  • national and organisations standards;
  • design task.