Constructional expertise is a complex of expert measures, aimed at identifying the deficiencies and irregularities in the implementation of the design estimates, construction and repair and finishing works. Carried out construction and technical expertise allows for resolving the conflicts, save the budgets, and standardize the documentation.

For what purpose is the constructional audit conducted?

The object constructional audit is used to check the quality and volume of ongoing or already completed construction works as well as compare the actual cost of the works and the building materials used and the data of post-completion documentation provided by the contractor. Qualitative testing may also include financial and technical audit, financial and technical monitoring.

Types of constructional audit performed by our company.

Depending on the objectives of the customer, we provide the following types of constructional audit:

  • Depending on the objectives of the customer, we provide the following types of constructional audit:
  • Constructional audit of quality, volume and cost of work carried out at the object at the time of audit.
  • Regular constructional audit of the object carried out with optimal intervals throughout the whole course of project construction, repair or reconstruction of the object, including:
    • inspecting the quality of work
    • revising the executive cost estimating documentation, submitted by the contractors for payment
    • comparison of contractor data with real volume and value of work performed and used construction materials.
  • Construction audit of quality, scope and works price, performed at the object at the moment of performance of the audit.
  • Periodic object construction audit, performed with optimum periodicity during all the realization process of construction project, object repairing or reconstruction and that includes:
    • qualitycheckofperformed works
    • check of executive cost estimate documents, presented for payment by contractors
    • comparison of contractor information with actual scope and value of performed works and used construction materials.

What is included to the scope of work during performance of construction audit?

Construction audit includes:

  • quality and scope evaluation of performed works
  • evaluation of conformity of used construction materials with project requirements
  • evaluation of conformity of fair market value of used materials and performed works with data of executive cost estimate documents, presented for payment by contractor
  • evaluation of conformity of actual expenses with planned characteristics, indicated in the project
  • evaluation of level of object construction preparedness, in other words the relation of performed scope of works at the moment of audit performance to the scope of the works on this object, subject to be performed
  • evaluation of the cost for elimination of construction defects, discovered during performance of audit.

Construction audit, engineering supervision or construction expertise – how to choose the service you need?

In case if your aim is the assurance of high construction quality and works performance within the design terms, observance of all construction codes and regulations by contractors and also the requirements of design documents, you need the engineering supervision. In case if you have any disputes with contractors, customers or other participants of construction process, if you are doubtful of quality of performed works – you need the construction expertise service. If you want not only to check the quality of the performed works, but also compare the fair market value of used materials and real scope of performed works with the information, provided by contractors for payment, you need the construction audit.