The Company Edmond Shipway was founded about 50 years ago when the first office of the company was opened in London, the capital of the Great Britain. The initial activity of the company was financial and estimated consulting in the field of construction, but over time, adapting to market trends and following the wishes of customers, the Company Edmond Shipway has expanded the range of services, which inevitably led to the recruiting of new staff of specialists, professionals in their fields. For decades the company Edmond Shipway has built its business policy, bore the philosophy of interaction with customers and government agencies. Edmond Shipway is a company that is built on the personality, oriented for the performance, with integral honesty and decency.

Now the Company Edmond Shipway is a multi-field consulting company specializing in construction, with an annual turnover of over one billion U.S. dollars. Despite the pragmatism of market relations, we recognize the individuality of each client and the uniqueness of each project and provide the highest service.

We are proud that the policies and philosophy of the company are focused on long-term and mutually beneficial partnership. Since its foundation, our team is focused on building the strong partnerships with our customers. We promote teamwork, complete commitment to the project and establishing a culture of creativity and continuous improvement.

In 2007, our team has expanded considerably with the opening of representative office of Edmond Shipway in Kazakhstan. Successful large projects quickly allowed the company to become popular in Kazakhstan as well. Application of international norms and rules, involvement of international experts are used not only as a competitive advantage, but are the standards of work. Conclusions of our company meet the requirements of Kazakhstani and international standards. Application of international rules and regulations in accordance with Kazakhstan legislation allows the performing of projects with highest level of quality.

"Edmond Shipway" LLP provides a wide range of services in the field of designing and construction.

Our Team:

It’s about 100 highly qualified specialists in the field of civil and industrial design, construction and management.

The team of Edmond Shipway Kazakhstan has rich experience in the provision of audit and consulting services. All the employees of the company are the professionals in their field and have diplomas on completed high education of leading Higher Education Institutions of Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain and USA.

The team of Edmond Shipway is ready to work on their own, guided by your goals and objectives of the project, introducing and implementing the modernized procedures and processes. At each stage of its activity, the team will strive to improve the value and importance of the whole project, trying to make a positive contribution not only to the derived role, but to the project in whole.

Types of activities of the Company:

            • Constructional audit;
            • Financial and technical audit and monitoring;
            • Technical supervision;
            • Construction inspection;
            • Technical inspection;
            • Project management;
            • Preparation and inspection of design and estimate documentation.

Our contacts:

Address: 050063, The Republic of Kazakhstan, Aksai-4, 42/71a

Tel.: +7 (727) 2 507 555

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.